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A common workflow is for the broadcast automation system to have a recording schedule to ingest material from a satellite or line feed source and then time-shift that material based on a playlist or schedule.

Content ingestion is a prerequisite for enabling content-aware targeting, allowing traffickers to book orders and line items based on the metadata of video contentbeing played. Video content can be targeted directly using CMS metadata in addition to key values added to the ad tag.


Encoding and Transcoding

Video encoding is the process of converting digital video files from one format to another. Encoding is also known as “transcoding” or “video conversion.” At the time of recording, the device gives the video file a particular format and other specifications.

Video Transcoding, also called video encoding, is the process that converts a video file from one format to another, to make videos viewable across different platforms and devices.

We are supporting and using the latest video codecs h265 for Hd and Ultra HD videos. We are collaborating with this brands in video encoding and transcoding and can give 24/7 support in from our experts :

With simple integration, you can upload, transcode and manipulate videos, optimize playback with fine-grained control over codecs and bitrate and deliver them via a global Content Delivery Network (CDN). Deliver high quality video content to your users, wherever and whenever, and scale with ease to support playback on various device types without building costly infrastructure.