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Satellite downlink and uplink

We do downlinks from a satellite to one or more ground stations or receivers, and uplink from our teleport to a satellite. We also sell uplink and downlink services to television stations, corporations, and to other telecommunication carriers. We are specialized in providing uplinks, downlinks, or both.

We provides complete services from the analysis of the requirements to the certification and maintenance of the satellite services and systems.

The activities covered by us are listed below:
Analysis of HW and SW requirements
Engineering of the solution
Configuration of satellite services and systems
Configuration of the remote telecommunications network
Configuration and installation of all devices involved
Activation, testing and release of the system/service (Line-up)
Maintenance, monitoring and testing
Technical support

We have two downlink facility in Europe and we can do the downlink and Uplink for this satellites:

78.5°EThaicom 6 at 78.5°E00  2012-06-12 08:50
49.0°E Yamal 202615249.15°E0.05°2012-07-13 21:32
48.1°E Eutelsat 48D0048.16°E0.09°2013-10-07 00:06
47.5°E Intelsat 10 (IS-10)0047.55°E1.66°2014-12-31 08:39
46.0°E Azerspace-1443846.01°E0.02°2017-08-31 20:00
45.0°E Intelsat 9041916245.26°E0.01°2017-08-24 18:50
45.0°E Intelsat 12 (IS-12)0045.06°E0.63°2017-06-15 19:08
42.0°E Turksat 3A26716242.08°E0.05°2017-09-09 12:30
42.0°E Türksat 4A28123541.96°E0.08°2017-09-08 20:52
40.0°E Express AM 7601340.05°E0.01°2017-04-16 22:13
39.0°E Hellas Sat 23067338.99°E0.06°2017-09-03 11:59
38.0°E Paksat 1R645938.04°E0.05°2016-02-17 13:50
36.0°E Express AMU110936.35°E0.01°2016-02-27 11:56
36.0°E Eutelsat 36B3335935.92°E0.07°2017-09-09 16:05
33.1°E Nilesat 1010033.11°E0.23°2013-03-11 20:50
33.0°E Eutelsat 33C34733.1°E0.07°2017-01-01 12:04
33.1°E Hot Bird 13D0033.09°E0.05°2016-03-23 23:43
32.8°E Intelsat New Dawn0032.9°E0.05°2011-05-09 23:15
31.5°E Astra 5B2601931.67°E0.09°2017-09-09 09:24
31.5°E Astra 1G0031.5°E0.06°2016-12-17 11:22
31.0°E Eutelsat 31A0030.87°E2.51°2014-05-08 17:48
30.5°E Arabsat 5A8830.78°E0.06°2016-01-16 18:31
28.2°E Astra 2E41420328.5°E0.06°2017-09-09 10:23
28.2°E Astra 2G33323328.39°E0.02°2017-09-07 20:53
28.2°E Astra 2F1866228.22°E0.09°2017-09-09 10:24
26.0°E Badr 621613426.1°E0.06°2017-09-09 08:56
26.0°E Badr 51236226.03°E0.01°2017-09-08 08:53
26.0°E Badr 426926825.99°E0.06°2017-09-09 12:30
26.0°E Badr 7131325.98°E0.06°2017-08-14 08:56
25.5°E Eutelsat 25B552925.5°E0.05°2017-09-06 09:14
24.2°E Turksat 2A Moving 2.35°W/day0023.65°E0.61°2016-10-06 18:58
23.5°E Astra 3B46723723.53°E0.04°2017-09-08 08:02
21.6°E Eutelsat 21B544321.66°E0.07°2017-08-30 11:13
20.0°E Arabsat 5C626220.1°E0.06°2017-08-30 11:12
19.2°E Astra 1KR1866919.38°E0.09°2017-09-02 11:41
19.2°E Astra 1L23612319.35°E0.10°2017-09-08 20:46
19.2°E Astra 1N48029919.27°E0.05°2017-09-09 08:46
19.2°E Astra 1M40420919.22°E0.01°2017-09-07 08:46
16.0°E Eutelsat 16A80915916.06°E0.07°2017-09-08 20:37
14.5°E Eutelsat 16C0014.53°E4.39°2011-11-11 13:12
13.0°E Hot Bird 13C62924413.06°E0.06°2017-09-09 08:29
13.0°E Hot Bird 13E33324313.06°E0.03°2017-09-09 12:34
13.0°E Hot Bird 13B88545513.03°E0.07°2017-09-09 12:34
10.0°E Eutelsat 10A1608010°E0.07°2017-08-16 22:55
9.0°E Eutelsat 9B4631729.06°E0.06°2017-09-02 00:02
7.0°E Eutelsat 7B52517.08°E0.05°2017-09-09 09:28
7.0°E Eutelsat 7A3841097.05°E0.07°2017-09-07 20:56
4.8°E SES 5127445.04°E0.05°2017-09-08 09:36
4.8°E Astra 4A5872014.86°E0.01°2017-09-08 20:34
4.0°E Eutelsat 4B004.1°E0.62°2013-03-13 21:54
3.0°E Eutelsat 3B88723.13°E0.06°2017-09-05 20:27
3.0°E Rascom QAF 1R20202.95°E0.01°2017-08-25 21:43
1.2°E Eutelsat 48C Moving 2.41°W/day001.25°E1.51°2013-05-29 22:11
0.8°W Thor 734130.5°W0.04°2017-09-05 20:25
0.8°W Thor 5206240.68°W0.06°2017-08-31 00:21
0.8°W Thor 6572970.8°W0.01°2017-09-08 09:43
0.8°W Intelsat 10-02264860.91°W0.01°2017-09-01 23:57
3.0°W ABS-3A332.91°W0.01°2017-07-08 09:05
4.0°W Amos 723163.91°W0.02°2017-09-09 09:09
4.0°W Amos 3199404.08°W0.03°2017-09-02 11:44
4.3°W Thor 3004.39°W5.54°2011-01-15 09:49
5.0°W Eutelsat 5 West A8836834.97°W0.06°2017-09-06 10:08
7.0°W Nilesat 2014423306.97°W0.05°2017-09-09 10:25
7.0°W Nilesat 102007.01°W1.82°2017-03-04 12:46
7.0°W Eutelsat 7 West A7537067.25°W0.09°2017-09-08 20:52
8.0°W Eutelsat 8 West D007.8°W0.40°2017-02-28 13:33
8.0°W Eutelsat 8 West B4073247.95°W0.07°2017-09-08 20:35